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Occasionally, after years of service, you may find some improvements and upgrades you would like to add to your unit, or maybe you just want to make it “like new”.  KSD Enterprises will work closely with you to accommodate your requests and determine what needs to be done.

KSD Enterprises can transport your unit to our facility.  Once your unit arrives, we will complete an initial review of the unit and develop a quote range based on that review.  Once approved, KSD Enterprises will tear down the unit to complete a thorough review and inspection.  Once complete, we will provide you a report of our findings including parts and services that we deem critical for the continued life of your unit, as well as parts and services we recommend.  If you have questions or concerns about these findings, we will be happy to discuss the findings with you to ensure you understand what needs to be done, and the potential implications of not completing the recommended work.  Based on customer input, KSD Enterprises will complete the approved work.  Once the work is done, and the unit is tested in-house, KSD Enterprises can   return the unit to your site.