Landfill Applications

KSD Enterprises designs, manufactures, and supports the KSD Methane Generator, a unit that converts low quality gas provided from decomposing waste to clean, useful electric energy.  For years, KSD Enterprises has designed and built hundred of units that utilize low quality gas as a fuel source for the coal industry.  With evolving environmental issues, we are now using our technology to convert greenhouse gas emitted from decomposing landfill waste to generate electricity.

Some of the benefits provided by our Methane Generator include:

Destruction of greenhouse gas

Free electricity for use onsite

Electricity that can be sold back to the grid

Carbon credit potential

Heat recover for use onsite

As landfill waste decomposes, it liberates environmentally unfriendly greenhouse gas.  Approximately 50% of this greenhouse gas is an energy fuel called methane, the primary component of natural gas.  Large landfills around the country have taken advantage of the methane from greenhouse gas and use it as a fuel source for Landfill Gas To Electric projects (LFGTE), allowing these large landfills to convert the gas to useful resources.  Unfortunately, the equipment necessary to complete this process can be very expensive, and only the larger landfills have the financial framework in place to support this type of project.  To allow smaller landfills with smaller budgets to achieve similar benefits as larger landfills, KSD Enterprises has adapted their technology to Gensets.  Our smaller Gensets can be used individually, or connected together to utilize all the available gas at your landfill.

There are several advantages of using smaller/multiple KSD Gensets:

  • LOWER INITIAL COST:  Smaller units are less expensive because they are built from mass produced elements.
  • AVAILABILITY OF ENGINE SUPPLIES:  The engines powering our units are modified vehicle engines, allowing you to source many less costly parts you may need from local suppliers.
  • LOCAL MECHANICS CAN PERFORM MAINTENANCE WORK:  Since the engine powering our unit is a modified vehicle engine, your local mechanic is likely to be familiar with it, and therefore able to complete routine maintenance to reduce downtime.
  • MORE UPTIME:  Using multiple smaller units provides great flexibility in routine maintenance because one unit can be stopped for maintenance while the other units are still producing.
  • ACCOMMODATE METHANE VARIATIONS:  Using multiple smaller Gensets provides a distinct advantage over one large unit because multiple smaller units can easily accommodate variations in the quality or quantity of landfill gas available.
  • SYSTEM FLEXIBILITY:  Using multiple smaller units provides a greater advantage over one larger unit because additional units can be added to your system as more gas becomes available.

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