For many years, the people of KSD Enterprises have been in the engine business. KSD Enterprises has become West Virginia’s most complete automotive and industrial machine shop. With more than 120 years of experience, KSD Enterprises is committed to providing the quality service you expect, with the customer service you deserve. Our engine machine shop is equipped to find the parts you need, and service engines of all types and sizes.

Through several years of working with mining professionals KSD has developed the Methane Exhauster. The Methane Exhauster has become America’s standard for removing methane from mines that use the longwall technique, with more than 300 units having been utilized in America. Characteristics of the Methane Exhauster include high productivity, high “uptime”, freedom from traditional maintenance constraints, and a user-friendly design. Today, the Methane Exhauster requires no electricity, is powered from free fuel, will operate with low quality fuel (as low as 30% CH4), and can be moved from one site to another in just one day!

Building on knowledge learned from our Methane Exhausters, KSD Enterprises has utilized the same technology to develop Methane Generators. The Methane Generator has been designed to convert methane from greenhouse gas into electricity that can be used for a variety of purposes. Just like the Methane Exhauster, our Methane Generators are designed to provide a user-friendly design for Landfill Gas To Energy (LFGTE) projects.